“Heal yourself from the inside out”

Tummy Tonic by Living with Rosie is a daily prebiotic capsule to boost gut health and heal you from the inside out.

Tummy Tonic daily capsules contain a specialised formula of potent plant-sourced prebiotic ingredients that boost beneficial bacteria in your gut. By helping these “good gut bugs” flourish, this supplement will improve digestive health, strengthen your immune system, boost energy, aid in effective weight loss and help you to feel your sparkliest self.

As a gut health specialist, if there is one product I would recommend to improve gut health it would be prebiotics. Prebiotics are the fuel for your probiotics, simply put they are you “good” bacterias favourite food. So, if you want a healthy, balanced gut you need prebiotics, without them your probiotics cannot work their magic.

By feeding your probiotics Tummy Tonic will help you to:

  • Boost overall digestive health and decrease digestive issues
  • Help your healthy bacteria flourish and improve strength of gut all
  • Strengthen immunity and improve intolerances
  • Boost energy, vitality and mental health
  • Enhance bodies nutrient and mineral absorption
  • Lose weight more efficiently and reduce inflammation




What is in Tummy Tonic?

Tummy Tonic is a prebiotic supplement free from artificial flavouring, colouring and preservatives. The prebiotics in each capsule will help to feed and fuel the probiotics living inside of your gut.

What does Tummy Tonic do?

Prebiotics are the food for probiotics. A flourishing population of healthy probiotics will improve digestive health, boost energy, aid in weight loss, balance hormones and strengthen your immune system. A healthy gut is even important for a healthy brain. Did you know that 90% of serotonin, the happiness neurotransmitter, is produced in the gut?

Unlike what the old saying claims, you are in fact not what you eat, you are what you absorb. Taking all the best supplements and eating all the best foods does nothing if your body is not properly digesting and absorbing nutrients. For your body to properly host probiotics it needs regular intake of prebiotics. This is where Tummy Tonic comes in.

Who should take Tummy Tonic?

Tummy Tonic is designed for anyone suffering from digestive disturbances such as bloating, cramping, constipation, reflux or diarrhea. Also for those looking to boost immunity, energy, overall well-being and to sparkle from the inside out Tummy Tonic is for you!

When do I take Tummy Tonic?

Tummy Tonic is to be taken twice a day: with breakfast and with dinner. There are 60 capsules in each bottle. After you’ve finished your first bottle and are thrilled with the results you can switch to one capsule each day for good gut maintenance.

Does it need to be refrigerated?

Unlike probiotics, prebiotics are extremely stable – no need to refrigerate!