More than just beauty sleep

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Gut health – it’s the hot topic of the moment – and for good reason!

New and exciting research showing the connection between sleep and gut health. Studies are suggesting that there might be more of to the struggles of waking up, and staying awake, than we had thought. The gut plays a monumental role in our general wellbeing, as well as immunity, disease prevention, and you guessed it – sleep.

where sleep fits in

The relationship between gut health and sleep is not one sided. Not only can poor sleep have a damaging affect on the gut, but an unhappy gut can affect quality of sleep – which can cause a pretty nasty cycle.

During the day we have high levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Not enough sleep causes more stress on the system and increases body cortisol levels, this then leads to an imbalance in the gut, promoting the growth of harmful bacteria, and damaging our protective, beneficial bacteria.

Successful mice studies have shown sleep deprivation to cause a complete overgrowth in harmful gut bacterias and even just broken sleep can lead to an increase in food consumption, inflammation, weight, and even insulin resistance.


This interconnectivity between the sleep and gut cannot be discussed without mentioning the elephant, or fermented food in the room, diet. Sleep, gut health and diet work together, either for us or against us. When we are tired, have an unhealthy gut or not enough “good gut foods” in our diet we will reach for sugary, fast energy crap. However, when we are well rested, fed and balanced we are more likely to eat less and eat better. Learn to utilize these three powerhouses to help be the happiest, healthiest you.

Watch this space! Human studies are currently underway. So whilst we wait for the results, it seems like whether you want better sleep, a stronger gut, or just general improved wellbeing, make sure to get your zz’s.

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