“Shannon is a gifted, university qualified natural health practitioner. When I met with her in May 2016, I was overweight, limping around with osteoarthritis in my knees and generally feeling entrapped in my inability to master myself. For over 30 years I’d started and stopped many punishing ridiculous eating and exercise regimes, and with every one of them I was always looking toward the day it would be over and I could go back to normal. Since the moment I left the clinic on the day of my consultation with Shannon, I’ve felt released from a life-long tyranny. During our session Shannon explored, without apparent judgement of me, my consumption and lifestyle history and then caringly explained a different way with food and exercise. Her manner made me feel safe in her hands. She suggested nothing that felt radical and difficult to do for life, it’s just natural and doesn’t feel like imprisonment. It has worked, I’m no longer hobbling around, I’ve lost 11 kilograms and my waist is 19cms smaller. I don’t feel I’m missing out on anything and I’m no longer frightened of myself. I cannot recommend Shannon more highly.”

Tass , August '16

“Shannon is my active Natural Medicine Practitioner and has helped me realise one of the happiest versions of myself”

Kate , Febuary '17

“I have been doing alot of research about the gut and healing the gut and was recommended to try Shannon’s program.  I hadn’t done a detox for a while and I really felt like my body needed to do one. I did the full program and while the first couple of days were pretty tough while my body was detoxing I felt amazing throughout the rest of the program.  There were plenty of recipes to choose from and my body certainly responded well to the cleanse. Overall, I felt great, my mind was clear and I had an added benefit of loosing 11 cm in total and dropping 3Kg’s! I would highly recommend this program.”

Shea, April '17

“I have had consultations with Shannon and was very impressed with her dedication to this field, ability to diagnose and follow through. Whatever Shannon applies herself to it is always with 100 percent commitment. Her attention to detail and analytic skills are above and beyond”

Margo , January '17

“Prior to starting Shannon’s gut program I suffered from glucose intolerance, and high blood pressure & cholesterol. My sleep was erratic and I was plagued by ’brain fog’, anxiety and depression. I desperately needed to find the energy to exercise and a sustainable way to lose weight. As soon as I started the program I noticed my energy levels began to improve. After only a week my anxiety lessened and within 2-3 weeks my sleep and moods began to stabilize. I felt calmer and clearer. This combination of increased energy, reduced anxiety, better sleep and a clearer mind helped me to pay more attention to my appetite and eating habits. I soon began to make better choices around food. These amazing results gave me the motivation and ability to continue, and after 3 months my blood pressure and cholesterol were within the normal range. My GP was amazed by my progress.

After 6 months I’d lost almost 20kg, and felt 10 years younger. I still have a way to go, but now I know for sure what works. After years of struggle I can safely say, if Shannon’s program works for me, it can work for anyone.”

Kinchem, December '16